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NFT's and crypto art

Artwork from our latest project – The girl's house is being  minted as crypto art NFT

Towards the opening of the physical exhibition, we are making our artwork available to be purchased as unique art – NFT

Investing in an NFT means that you believe that the artwork is unique, and that it's market price will increase over time. In a similar way to owning a painting, and knowing that its value would increase, we expect that our NFT crypto art, will behave in the same way

The crypto – block chain technology ensures that the owner of the NFT art, is tracked, and that only one person can own it in a single time. The technology allows to sell it onwards using the Ether crypto currency

This is a chance to be an early adaptor of the NFT technology, and purchase real art, that is also exhibited in physical exhibitions

We expect that the opening price will be higher for each new artwork in the series that we will mint (total of 12 for the project)

Our digital artwork will be made available for purchase in the exclusive "Foundation" NFT art platform

Go to our page on the Foundation, for more information, or contact us directly using the contact details on the business card you received

Artworks series collection

"The Girl's House"

About the project

We were interested in bringing attention to issues of society that we can relate to, using our unique artistic view
We looked for a way to approach the issue of children at risk and stumbled upon the story of the “Girl’s House”

For decades, the "Girl's House" boarding school in Hod Hasharon served as a warm home for at-risk youth – until it was abandoned in 2003

Located within a serene natural wood, today the buildings are quiet, but a strong unexplained feeling is present. Within these walls and spaces, life that was once here is evident everywhere. Modest buildings with crumbling ceilings, in which children and youth at risk lived in and made it their home

The pastoral silence is also a bit ambiguous, wandering there is both very peaceful, with the nature around, and at the same time intimidating because of the emptiness of the once life-full buildings

The ghosts that are seen in the images, semi-transparent silhouettes of people, show behind them only the ruins that remain. They represent the “transparent” feeling shared by many people in the outskirts of our society. Casted aside by the mainstream, the path to crime and self-destruction is not long

The use of these types of housing vs. other forms of care for children at risk is still a debatable issue

There are currently about 800,000 teenagers in Israel aged 12-18, about a quarter of whom live in various situations of risk

We believe that caring for at-risk youth is the responsibility of all of us as a society. To raise the issue to the public agenda in Israel, and to deepen public involvement for those youth who are in everyday risk situations. We hope that by creating this intriguing symbolic imagery we can raise awareness to their cause. Their cause is our cause

About Sketchlight

"We are a photography team called “SKETCHLIGHT

In our team there are 3 specialized art photographers:  Ray Vagner, Assaf Sofrin and Aria Geler

We create a certain type of photography that requires a team to work together before and during each exposure of the camera to achieve our surreal results directly in camera

Our works may be attributed to the photography genre called light painting. Within the genre, our images require extreme attention to detail and discipline to repeat the process attempts until our vision is achieved

With our light painting photography technique, all images are created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame, without photoshop intervention. We keep the RAW camera files as proof

For more information about the team, please visit our about page

  Link to our NFT page in the Foundation


Light Painting Photography- all pictures are Single photographic exposure, no post processing